EmergiQuiz 2022

Four online EmergiQuiz cases will be presented in two parts this year in advance of the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine meeting at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, CA. Once they are available you can click on each banner below to be taken to the main page for each case.

Part 1 of each case was published Tuesday, September 20th. Part 2 was revealed on September 28!

Neonatal Bleeding
Igor Kushner, MD / PEM Fellow / University of Texas Southwestern

Bloated Belly Conundrum
Melissa Chiappetta, DO / PEM Fellow / Children’s Hospital of Michigan

The puzzling case of the playground puker
Alana Koehler, MD / PEM Fellow / University at Buffalo

When we hear hoofbeats, should we think of zebras or horses?
Elizabeth Sitzlar, MD / PEM Fellow / Akron Children’s Hospital

EmergiQuiz at the AAP NCE

EmergiQuiz is a case-based presentation that challenges the audience to think through the differential diagnosis for a complex case. Each year, 4 pediatric emergency medicine fellows are chosen from a large pool of submissions to present a case.

First, fellows present “Part 1”. During this portion of the presentation, the fellow describes the presentation to the emergency department (ED) and initial studies obtained.

Next, another fellow, who has received only this portion of the case in advance, takes the information the team had in the ED and works through the differential diagnosis During “Part 2”. They then make the best guess on the final diagnosis.

Finally, the original fellow presenter returns to present “Part 3”, which continues the case after admission to the time of final diagnosis, followed by a brief review of the final disease process.

Cases presented are chosen by a panel of judges. After the selected cases are presented, the audience votes on the best case presentation, as well as the best discussion of an unknown case.

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